This brief was published here on 19th May, 2017 by Diversified Communication for Retail Asia Expo 2017 in Hong Kong.


As millennials no longer shop for commodities but instead yearn for more stimulating experiences, one company, Tofugear has been working extra hard to combine the two to create a unified stimulating shopping experience. Born out of their San Po Kong office, Omnitech is a new connected retail solution that enables retailers to deliver seamless experiences that keep customers coming back for more. Tofugear’s Retail Evangelist, Michelle Lau will be sharing her insights on customer experiences at the Retail Asia Expo.


The team from Retail Asia Expo caught up with her to talk big data, technology trends and her session.


What are you going to bring to the Retail Asia Expo?

It is time to stop thinking about channels, touch points or systems and start thinking about what your customers really want. Bring your entire retail experience together, whether its in-store, online or on a mobile. Tofugear Omnitech is a fully customised connected retail platform which offers new and exciting opportunities ranging from capturing increased sales, enhancing brand awareness and loyalty, as well as gaining real insights into each individual customer’s trying and buying behaviour.

How does your solution improve a retailer’s business operations?

Tofugear Omnitech provides our clients with a retail experience that extends beyond customer expectations seamlessly across web, mobile and in-store. Our solution makes the retail store your best asset for generating experiential value, maximising conversions and reducing risk. With our next generation data capture technology, you can finally harness the true power of Big Data to generate consumable insights that will empower your store staff like never before.


What are your thoughts on the Retail Asia Expo?

The Retail Asia Expo is a great opportunity to see the latest trends, cutting edge technology and innovative experiences. Three days packed with insightful speakers, leading innovators, and endless opportunities; the expo is a great place to spark collaboration and knowledge sharing across the retail industry.


What retail technology trends do you predict for 2018?

More than 80% of consumers would rather pay for an experience as opposed to products or services alone. Instead of betting on new products and marketing campaigns, retailers are investing heavily in mobile and in-store technology to hone insights from consumer behaviour and cognitive neurosciences to craft immersive experiences that retain customers by leveraging emotions.


Date/ Time: 14 June 2017 | 11:05am
Location: Retail Asia Expo, Hall 3FG, HKCEC
Admission: Free for trade visitors
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