Sharing has always been a vital characteristic of being human. From sharing moments at a friends or families gathering; to intimate moments between beloved individuals. We thrive and inspire each other with inventions and ideas which might define us today and tomorrow.

We can relate this kind of sharing in retail and fashion in multiple ways; from the donation of our previously loved wardrobe to those in need, or sharing the digitally connected retail experience we encountered via social media platforms.

The new generation of retailers wants their consumers to experience, interact, and ‘breathe’ the brand. Yet there are digital media or static surfaces around the marketplace that are not sharable, or sharable with a picture on the consumer’s phone but does not link back to the relevant content or brand.

The tools below are widely available and would help retailers to combat such missed opportunities and bring static advertising alive with a simple touch of technology:-


1 – QR Codes on Static Advertising: 

A widely used technology, but yet to be utilised to gain insights on responses and reactions from activities or campaigns. Retailers could work with publishers and creatives to ensure their graphic campaigns are enabled digitally. Conveniently cutting a short but significant step between searching/typing brand’s site and find the feature or outfits displayed on the campaign. This reduces waiting time which might then lose the customer’s attention or curiosity.

With the QR code, they would be able to share the page from Social buttons which can be enabled from their website provider or by other means. Ultimately customers will be able to share the QR code as well, so that there will be no friction in between or allow customers to use any time-consuming related excuses.

2 – Image Recognition Feature: 

If QR codes seem a bit outdated for some, Image Recognition could be the more advanced step to truly bringing static advertising to life. Goxip, a Hong Kong startup, brings a fresh take on the definition of Social Commerce, namely “Shoppable Instagram”. the app uses image recognition and a large collection of retailers – 500 merchants selling over 2 million items to create an engaging and more fruitful social commerce experience.

Users can upload images of their celebrities or simply an outfit they desire, the application then matches fashion items being sold by the merchant partner. From that upload, we can use that as a benchmark to suggest additional items or cross sell products to add more vibrancy to their outfits. Integrating with social platforms such as Instagram, allows Goxip to gain vital insights into the industry and its influencers, which then can be adapted according to how their content is to be received. Furthermore, this marriage between Goxip and social platforms showcase the opportunity unleashed by using such tools that could mean extending the social reach and further enhance customer’s interaction with retailers.

Opportunities are everywhere. Tools are also readily available. Retailers need to leverage every opportunity to maximise their rate of retention and draw new customers in to explore and to be entertained. This can only be achieved by researching and understanding technology, adapting or integrating current practices into it to further develop the future of the retail landscape and to fit tomorrow’s consumers.

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