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Tofugear Omnitech is the only unified commerce platform designed to enable a truly seamless and highly personalised shopping experience to your customers across all channels. With dynamically scalable infrastructure and high levels of compliance, Omnitech is the ultimate unified commerce platform for global retailing.



See how customers, sales associates and managers of global retailers are harmonised together with a unified customer journey, powered by Omntiech.

1. At the Store Entrance

When a customer approaches a store, a push message from the Omnitech Shopping App notified her on the availability of her favourite items in-store and a number of promotions, which drives her to pay a visit.
The Omnitech Staff App notifies the shop assistant that the customer has entered the store, enabling him to greet her with a personal touch.

Enabling Tech:

2. Browsing the Shelves

The Omnitech Shopper App enables the customer to browse products and choose colour, style and size options seamlessly by scanning the QR code, barcode or NFC tag on the product.
Real-time Inventory Information reflected on the Shopper App also helps the customer make quicker purchase decisions while in-store as she can see what is available, all from her own device.

Enabling Tech:

3. The Connected Fitting Room

Inside the fitting room, a QR code displayed on the Omnitech Mirror Touch Display allows the customer to access her account and favourite list with a simple scan.
RFID Tags on the products enable the mirror touch display to automatically detect the items brought in to the fitting room and displays product information as well as matching or suggested products.
The customer can easily calls for staff assistant to exchange or try on new items by pressing a button on the mirror, which sends a notification to the staff’s Mobile App.

Enabling Tech:

4. Smart Payment Process

The Omnitech POS feature bundled with the Omnitech Staff App allows store associates to conduct sales anytime, anywhere and with every popular payment method.

The Omnitech Staff App also empowers the store associate with rich yet contextual intelligence to increase both the customer’s satisfaction and their basket size.

Enabling Tech:

5. Back Home for Amy

Omnitech’s unified commerce capabilities harmonizes offline and online channels together with one view of the customer and her shopping cart.
Customers at home can enjoy the luxury of convenience with Omnitech’s Digital Commerce site, where she can order products for delivery or pick-up in-store.

Enabling Tech:

6. Managing the Store

Back at the store, the store manager can evaluate their team’s performance with confidence, enabled by Omnitech Analytics.
With Omnitech Inventory Management, RFID tags on all of the products enables the store associate does a full stock count update simply by taking a walk around the store with his Staff Mobile App.
Meanwhile, the Omnitech Retail Manager is automatically synchronizing customer behavior and store performance data across both local and regional databases, giving decision makers at HQ complete and real-time visibility of the business.

Enabling Tech:

7. Global Deployment Retail Management

With the Omnitech Retail Manager and the Omnitech API, operational processes and customer experiences are brought together seamlessly to deliver a total unified commerce platform that empowers retailer to achieve more, with less.
As a cloud-based SaaS platform, Omnitech not only provides the flexibility, but also the scalability you need to grow as a global retail enterprise.

Enabling Tech:

Global Scaling Capabilitiy
of Full Omnitech Platform

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