One Customer. One Experience.

One Solution.

Allowing you to focus on what really matters:
Your business and goals.

Store Entrance

When a customer approaches your place of business, engage them with friendly push notifications informing them about the availability of their favorite items as well as current promotions.


If you need a mobile app that’s ready to go and help you to either get started with or expand your capabilities of engaging customers, we’ve got you covered. Enable your customers to browse products and choose between different options that you can define as you wish.

Fitting Rooms & Self-Service Checkout

Inside the fitting room or inside your restaurant, a mirror touch display allows customers to access their account and favourite products via a simple scan. Alternatively, send a notification to your staff’s clienteling app to ask for help.

Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS)

Our mPOS solution allows store and restaurant associates to conduct sales anytime, anywhere, and with every popular payment method. We guarantee that we’ll have a payment method available that suits everyone.

At Home

Omnitech’s unified commerce capabilities harmonise offline and online channels together with one holistic view of customers shopping carts. Customers at home can enjoy the convenience of shopping, ordering products for delivery or pick up in-store.

Back Office

Omnitech’s Back Office dashboard is automatically synchronising customer behaviour and store performance data across both local and regional databases, giving decision-makers complete and real-time visibility of the business.

Global Deployment

With Omnitech Unified Commerce Cloud, operational processes and customer experiences are brought together seamlessly to deliver a flexible, scalable, SaaS based unified commerce cloud platform.

Omnitech Unified Commerce Cloud

“Single platform with one version of truth across all channels”

Digital Commerce Hub

An overwhelming majority of consumers prefer to shop online due to ease of search, the ability to compare prices and the availability of more detailed product information. To meet customer expectations, businesses need to not only have an online presence but also integrate omnichannel purchase and fulfilment to maximise customer satisfaction and sales.

Event Commerce Hub

Restaurants and retailers alike often miss vital customer acquisition, relationship nurturing and sales opportunities at their pop-up stores and events. Especially in an increasingly more modern world, marketeers need a solution that not only enables commerce, but also maximises customer value by delivering a quality pop-up store or event experience.

Store Commerce Hub

Customers and patrons demand choice, convenience and experiences that matter, that make them feel valued and welcome. The modern customer expects to see online capabilities merged with their dine-in or in-store experience. Therefore businesses must empower their front-line with modern mPOS and clienteling tools as well as improve their data transparency to make informed business decisions.

Order Hub

Legacy systems were designed for static, individual sales channels with limited connectivity. Especially restaurants even more so than retailers, tend to have very limited capabilities of tracking a customers’ purchase behaviour and therefore lose valuable opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. Today’s consumers demand the ability to buy and fulfil anywhere. Therefore, businesses need to leverage all their inventory sources and implement distributed order management to deliver omnichannel purchase and fulfilment capabilities.

Inventory Hub

Real-time inventory visibility is vital to maximising sales and customer satisfaction. But even with today’s technologies, retailers still struggle with this. Retail supply-chain managers need to leverage enhanced systems, applications and technologies to digitise their inventory and synchronise visibility across all channels.

IoT Connect

IoT technologies have unlocked new opportunities for retailers and restaurants alike, enhancing real-time data capture while creating innovative experiences for your customers that make them feel valued, enhancing that “Wow!” feeling every time they come in touch with your business.

Why Choose Omnitech by Tofugear?

Unlock your full potential. Create experiences that leave your customers in awe.


Unlock new streams of value and achieve business objectives with our comprehensive solutions.


Open API-driven commerce platform to unleash your creativity and achieve more, with less.


Unify your commerce channels to deliver the best experience for your customers.


From pilot to full implementation, a platform that is fit-for-purpose and scales with your business.


Every business is different – custom design your platform to be exactly what you need it to be.


Flexible Software-as-a-Service pricing models and packages to suit the needs of enterprise retailers.

Real Results

Japanese Lingerie Brand

  • 100K + App Downloads Active loyalty program members
  • 9,500+ Transactions Monthly average number of orders
  • 8% Conversion Rate Average online and on mobile app

Premium Apparel Retailer

  • -27% Cart Abandonment Decrease in abandoned shopping cart
  • 68% Lost Sales Saved From Out-of-stock with Endless Aisle
  • 5% Increase in Sales Across all O2O enabled flagship stores

Luxury Beauty Brand

  • 23% Increase in Sales at high traffic pop-up store events
  • 0 Min Queue Time With mobile self-checkout
  • 12% Increased Attendance Guest registered with RSVP solution

French Luxury Brand

  • From 5 mins down to 30 sec Average checkout time with Mobile POS
  • 32% Spending Increase VIP Mobile App and Loyalty Program
  • 200 Man Hours Saved per Store Monthly with integrated payments

American Restaurant Group

  • 20% increase in table turn
  • 38% increase in member retention
  • 35% increase in YoY loyalty member spending

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