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Connect and engage with your most loyal customers.

Taking mobile self-checkout technology to a whole new level

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Offer your customers the most seamless O2O retail experience ever.

Unlock new streams of value by enabling your customers to directly engage with your products in-store, call for store associate assistance and make payments all from the comfort of their own mobile device.

The most secure and scalable unmanned store solution on the market, the Omnitech Shopper App delivers an intuitive, seamless and convenient staff-free, self-checkout experience.

Mobile App Features

Leading the future of retail

As a unified commerce platform, Tofugear is supported by a vast network of partners across the globe to create modern retail experiences in the APAC region. Leveraging a harmonious integration of retail processes and systems, we provide business transparency and seamless customer experiences.

How a Mobile App helps retailers sell

Provide a modern, connected in-store experience

Offer your customers a native mobile shopping experience, fully geared to help them browse and search for products, create favourite lists and add products to the shopping cart.

Engage with contextual information

A compact check-out system means more space to display products and opportunities to improve the customer journey through your store.

Deliver highly personalised service

Use machine learning to provide smart recommendations, catering to customers’ preferences. With information on past purchases and cart items, sales staff can also provide personalised suggestions when directly interacting with customers.

How a Mobile App helps retailers manage

Create a data-driven smart store

Gather and analyse data throughout the buyer journey to inform business strategies, product placement and operational efficiency.

Simplify payment and checkout

Once items are in their cart, customers can check out from their phones and make payments as simply as a single tap. They can also save their preferred payment methods for faster check-outs in the future.

Easily funnel customers to your store

Acquire customers and retain them with a comprehensive loyalty program that seamlessly funnels them to your conventional retail channels with dynamic promotions and O2O connectivity.

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Other Solutions

We offer a number of product packages with various technologies suited to different types of retailer setups. Find a product that suits your business or reach out for customised plans.

Products enabling this solution

We offer a number of product packages with various technologies suited to different types of retailer setups. Find a product that suits your business or reach out for customised plans.

Store Commerce Hub

Shoppers demand choice, convenience and experiences that matter. Today’s connected customers expect to see online capabilities merged with their in-store experiences.

Retailers must empower their front-line with modern mobile-point-of-sale and clienteling tools as well as improve their data transparency to make informed business decisions.

Event Commerce Hub

Retailers often miss vital customer acquisition, relationship nurturing and sales opportunities at their pop-up stores and events. 


Retail marketeers need to leverage digital solutions that not only enable commerce, but also maximise customer value by delivering a quality pop-up store or event experience.

Digital Commerce Hub

An overwhelming majority of consumers prefer to shop online due to ease of search, the ability to compare prices and the availability of more detailed product information.

To meet customer expectations, retailers need to not only have an online presence but also integrate omnichannel purchase and fulfilment to maximise customer satisfaction and sales.