RFID Inventory

Streamline stocktaking and optimise inventory flow.

Scan dozens of items in seconds and gain real-time stock data

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Automate tedious manual stock counting and reduce human error within inventory management.

Counting and managing stock can take hours and could even require stores to be closed temporarily. Without accurate information about actual items in a store, you not only lose sales but also leave customers dissatisfied with your services.

With Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), we can provide each item with a unique identifier that can be scanned quickly and accurately with a handheld mobile device, even when the item is inside a cardboard box or behind a thin wall. This is connected to a dashboard where you can see real-time stock data and enables Just In Time (JIT) management to optimise your inventory.

RFID Inventory Features

Leading the future of retail

As a unified commerce platform, Tofugear is supported by a vast network of partners across the globe to create modern retail experiences in the APAC region. Leveraging a harmonious integration of retail processes and systems, we provide business transparency and seamless customer experiences.

How RFID Inventory helps retailers to sell

Maximise available stock

Maintain a clear overview of what’s available across your racks, shelves and storeroom, so you can sell available items to customers while they’re still interested and move inventory faster.

Speed up checkouts

When integrated with our Self-Checkout and/or Mobile Point-Of-Sale technologies, customers can checkout in as short as 30 seconds.

Promote items based on customer trends

Stock movement data can give you an understanding of popular items at your stores and items commonly bought together – empowering your staff with new opportunities to upsell and cross-sell to customers.

How RFID Inventory helps retailers manage

Spend less time counting stock

With RFID’s high read rate and ability to scan through thin barriers (e.g. boxes, packaging, concrete walls), staff can reduce stock counting time from hours to mere minutes.

Reduce issues of hidden inventory & phantom inventory

RFID uses radio waves to accurately count the number of items scanned, which lessens the likelihood of understating or overstating your actual inventory counts.

Optimise inventory levels & warehouse space

Stock count and inventory flow insights are visible to you through an inventory dashboard – allowing you to make informed restocking decisions and reduce inventory shrinkage.

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Other Solutions

We offer a number of product packages with various technologies suited to different types of retailer setups. Find a product that suits your business or reach out for customised plans.

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We offer a number of product packages with various technologies suited to different types of retailer setups. Find a product that suits your business or reach out for customised plans.

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