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With our background of over 30+ years of executive experience in consumer markets, retail, fashion, supply chain and technology, we operate worldwide, enabling our customers to achieve excellence regardless of how ambitious the goal might seem.

But first, let’s hear what our customers have to say about Omnitech:

For retail brands and franchise groups, Omnitech by Tofugear offers operators an accelerated and guided approach to:

Modernizing and increasing customer loyalty while also maintaining a high-level customer service and quick check-out experience doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, not with Omnitech.

We’ll show you how.

Differentiated digital experiences

Move beyond distributors and deliver a truly unique experience to your customers, an experience that you control


Integration with existing systems

Add commerce capabilities without replacing or overhauling existing applications

Quality experiences over gimmicks

Create a digital-first system of operation that is designed for direct-to-customer commerce

Agility and flexibility

Innovate without disruption to the entire business through an agile and flexible architecture

Maintain control over branding

Develop and maintain your brand’s own presentation layer for applications and digital experiences

Achieve more, with less

Marketing-leading commerce platforms lack the flexibility to modularize their solutions and are often complex and costly, we solve that issue


Increasing Operating Margin

  • Increase & extend sales channels
  • Increase delivery and takeaway margins
  • Improve customer visit frequency
  • Automate customer upselling to increase order size

Improve Brand Value

  • Establish an ‘always available’ brand and storefront with your customers
  • Run impactful marketing campaigns with higher conversions and less costs
  • Enhance overall customer satisfaction

Maximize Customer Acquisition

  • Directly engage your customers with your own platform ecosystem
  • Know your clients’ buying behaviour across all channels
  • Create a personalized environment between clients and your brand
  • Sticky customer loyalty programs to encourage repeat visits

Create an Enjoyable Place to Work

  • Streamline omnichannel operations
  • Platform guides staff to reduce learning curve on menu and training
  • Fully automated discount calculations
  • Reduce mistakes made by staffs


  • Realtime Cross Chain Reports and Dashboards
  • Cloud based solution with simple infrastructure to allow quick deployment to new restaurants

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