Inventory Hub

Efficiently manage the way you track, control and organise stock.

Real-time inventory visibility across all channels

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Maximise your inventory leverage by automating manual processes and synchronising stock data across all channels.

Having real-time inventory visibility is vital to maximising sales and customer satisfaction. But even with today’s technologies, retailers still struggle to meet the needs of their consumers. Retail supply-chain managers need to leverage enhanced systems, applications and technologies to digitise their inventory and synchronise visibility across all channels.


Tofugear’s Inventory Hub provides a cloud-based inventory management solution that leverages emerging technologies. By connecting your inventory management with Omnitech Unified Commerce Cloud, you can streamline your stock management to maximise efficiency and productivity. Accurately knowing your stock information will ensure that your products reach your customers, wherever and whenever they are in demand.

Enabled Solutions

Optimise inventory & restock efficiently

Intelligently-sourced items

Instead of placing new orders when stock levels are low at one location, easily find inventory sources to replenish and reallocate stock using our built-in location tracking capabilities – turning your stock rooms, store floors and warehouses into mini-distribution centres. 

Multi-channel unification

Ensure that all inventory information is accurate both online and offline by consolidating all channels into one single platform. Easily track and view your inventory at any location, anytime so that products are readily available to customers. 

Faster, more efficient handling

Say goodbye to expired data and inaccurate cycle counts. With technology such as RFID tagging, you’re able to replace manual and repetitive stock checking with automated tracking to streamline your retail operations. With less manual tasks comes less human errors – creating faster, more dynamic and accurate stock handling. 

Enhanced stock visibility

Avoid inefficient and unnecessary product overstock and backorders. See product stocks across all channels via in-app visualisation, allowing full transparency to best leverage and manage inventory to maximise turnover.

Make informed inventory decisions

Centralised reporting

With single view of all inventory on a simple, intuitive dashboard, everyone can access the same data for consistency across channels. Generate reports for inventory lists, reorder points, order quantities, product information, stock adjustments and more with one click. These reports can be exported in a variety of standard formats or sent directly to management users by email.

Enriched product insights

With better visibility of inventory comes improved accuracy and quality of your product data. Identify your sales patterns and refine demand forecasting across channels, sources, and destinations to prevent over and underselling – so that you can manage your stock to make more informed and proactive decisions. 

Real-time inventory tracking

Our frontline applications enable receiving updates and stock counting at all your locations in live time, so you can obtain insights such as warehouse velocity and inventory turns. With this data, you can order the right amount of product to the right location at the right time, every time.

Smart inventory updates

Never miss the time to restock and replenish inventory. With fully customisable monitoring, inventory can be accurately tracked on intuitive systems that send automatic reminders and alerts to managers for restocking. Even better, you can set shelves to reorder automatically.

Exceed customer expectations

Flexible inventory management

Always stay ahead of volatile demand. With versatile inventory handling, you can manage your stocks more dynamically. Quickly adjust product lines and reorders to meet market demands, so that customers get access to the things they love, whenever they want, without seeing the ‘Out of Stock’ message. 

Streamlined product information

With access to real-time stock data, quickly inform customers and clients about when and where they can expect products from any device (mPOS, web, mobile app, kiosks and more). Reduce the frustrations of product misinformation, and improve customer service by shifting staff focus from inventory count to managing accounts and end-user satisfaction.

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