Event Commerce Hub

Delight your customers with the most powerful pop-up store solution ever.

Maximise ROI from events and pop-up stores

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Unlock new streams of value by leveraging pop-up stores and events to experiment, excite and entertain, while making sales.

Retailers often miss vital customer acquisition, relationship nurturing and sales opportunities at their pop-up stores and events. Retail marketeers need to leverage digital solutions that not only enable commerce, but also maximise customer value by delivering a quality pop-up store or event experience.

Tofugear’s Event Commerce Hub enables you to deliver a truly seamless pop-up event experience from acquisition, to RSVP, check-in, check-out and retention. Enhance your data capture capabilities, maximise sales and empower your event staff to deliver an experience with a unique blend of online and offline solutions.

Enabled Solutions

Run pop-up events in a whole new way

Manage events at scale

Whether you are running a single event a year, or hundreds every month – Event Commerce Hub has the tools you need to create and manage a variety of different pop-up events with comprehensive invitation and RSVP management, timeslot configuration, behaviour tracking and on-site applications to streamline operations.

Invitation and RSVP management

Segment guests using either whitelist mobile phone numbers or special magic links as pre-trusted guest tier. Differentiate between guests with tiered entitlement, such as dedicated timeslot access, multiple-entry quota and the ability to invite accompanying guests.

Dynamic catalogue management

Augmented, region-based product listing and catalogue searching functionalities can be configured to create a seamless shopping journey within your pop-up events. Special product highlights and content teasers can also be created and managed to infuse products into themed events.

Scalable device deployment

Easily deploy, authenticate and manage a variety of devices across your organisation. Whether you’re using mPOS, self-checkout kiosks, smart fitting rooms or other connected technologies in your pop-up store, you can establish highly secure and reliable connections between them, even across multiple locations.

Create a memorable customer journey

Engaging new technologies

Provide innovative fitting and product trial experiences through interactive fitting rooms, beauty mirrors, footwear stations and other digital customer experience solutions featuring smart mirrors, touch screens and IoT devices. These can be configured according to your pop-up store’s needs.

Self-checkout solutions

Maximise sales at events by seamlessly integrating sales with your event experience. Event Commerce Hub integrates with Digital Commerce Hub to enable event-optimised self-checkout solutions such as web or app-based mini-carts. 

Customer experience optimisation

Whether you want to minimise time guests spend waiting in-line to increase sales volume, or maximise queue lengths to generate exclusivity, Event Commerce Hub allows you to optimise each event experience to achieve business outcomes.

Personalised service

Maximise the impact of your store with an AI-powered recommendation engine that can be infused into any connected commerce channel. A robust invitation and time-slot booking system can also help manage crowds and ensure that each associate can give each customer the personal service they need. 

Empower your events team

Mobile point-of-sale

Empower your event sales with a mobile point-of-sale to execute in-store sales processes from capturing return customer information, adding products to basket, performing check-out and capturing sales data with the option to have integrated payments solutions.

Streamline event operations

iPhone and iPad applications to allow store staffs to scan and confirm customer checked-in and checked-out the event. QR code-based workflow enables efficient event operations and provide important reminder functions such as to remind customer there is pending order for pickup if there is order record on the system. The iPhone and iPad applications can also facilitate ad-hoc registration of guests to handle exceptions.

Frontline user management

Create and manage users with a full set of customisable roles. Single device sign-on in-store allows users to perform sales as well as leverage new customer registration, endless aisle, clienteling and sales enhancement tools across all devices in their assigned store. Also includes simple HR tools such as clock-in and clock-out mechanics, KPI tracking and performance reports.

Scalable device management

Easily deploy, authenticate and manage a variety of devices across your organisation. Whether you’re using mPOS, self-checkout kiosks, smart fitting rooms or other connected technologies in your pop-up store, you can establish highly secure and reliable connections between them, even across multiple locations.

Leverage inventory and enable commerce

Endless aisles

When items are out of stock or unavailable at your pop-up store, customers can browse your entire catalogue and view stock other inventory sources through various digital touchpoints options. Items can then be purchased for pick up at a later date or directly delivered to the address of their choice.

Real-time inventory management

Our frontline applications enable receiving and stock-counting at all your locations, so you can obtain insights such as warehouse velocity and inventory turns. With this data, you can order the right amount of product to the right place at the right time.

Flexible payment options

Integrate payments with mobile point-of-sale systems, self-checkout kiosks or integrate a checkout system within mobile apps and in-store displays – accepting cash, credit cards and mobile and other emerging payments, and allow your customers to pay however and whenever they want.

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