Store Commerce Hub

Enhance in-store sales, inventory and order processes with digitisation.

Digitise your retail operations and in-store experiences

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Today’s shoppers demand choice, convenience and experiences that matter.

With the rise of digital technologies, customers expect to see online capabilities merged with their in-store experiences. Retailers must empower their front-line with modern mobile-point-of-sale and clienteling tools as well as improve their data transparency to make informed business decisions.


Tofugear’s Store Commerce Hub transforms your brick and mortar stores by deploying applications and technology tools to transform your retail experience. Utilising the power of mobile, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and image recognition, stores can implement data-driven optimisation that drives sales, enhances the customer journey, and allows you to run your business as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Enabled Solutions

Streamline your shopping experience

Faster, more convenient checkouts

As a headless commerce solution, Store Commerce Hub gives you the power to optimise your check-out experience by leveraging a range of solutions from mobile point-of-sale for sales associates to self-checkout kiosks, keeping your average check-out time to less than 30 seconds.

Endless aisle

Never lose a sale due to out-of-stock merchandise again. When items are not in stock, front-line staff can sell anywhere, from anywhere, regardless of stock location, with options such as allowing the customer to pick up at a later date, different location or having their purchase directly delivered to the address of their choice.

Omnichannel shopping cart

Maximise sales by creating more convenience for customers by integrating online and offline shopping carts together. Empower your front-line sales to seamlessly connect with each customer’s shopping journey from wherever they started to whenever they are ready to complete their purchase.

Integrated payment solutions

Payment service provider integration framework to enable integrations with most market available payment devices and terminals. Enhanced ECR integration and day end settlement framework to ensure transaction integrity between the payment gateway and POS records.

Empower your frontline sales

Mobile point-of-sale

A simple yet powerful modular iOS application that empowers your frontline to execute in-store sales processes from capturing return customer information, adding products to basket, performing check-out and capturing sales data, from anywhere in the store.

Sales enhancement tools

As an API driven app platform, store commerce hubs allow you to create sales enhancement tools for iOS, Android and Web. Capture product interaction data such as product try-ons, consultations and many other IoT Connect driven solutions. Create digital experience content, product wish lists, bundles, special offers and/or sales staff generated shopping carts that can be sent via clienteling, social media, SMS and/or email.

Frontline user management

Create and manage users with a full set of customisable roles. Single device sign-on in-store allows users to perform sales as well as leverage new customer registration, endless aisle, clienteling and sales enhancement tools across all devices in their assigned store. Also includes simple HR tools such as clock-in and clock-out mechanics, KPI tracking and performance reports.

Build customer loyalty & relationships

New customer registration

Start your relationship with new customers right. Create digital forms for registering new customers that can be connected automatically with their first transaction. Forms can be deployed via web, iOS and/or Android application.


With tracking available at almost every customer touchpoint, your front-line sales can easily view customer profiles with accurate data on past purchases, engagement and feedback – allowing them to deliver recommendations, messaging and content in a more personalised way.

AI-powered recommendations

Customer data is processed through AI algorithms to generate real-time personalised product recommendations and discounts tailored to each individual – providing customers with their very own personal shopping assistant at their very own fingertips.

Enhance store operations efficiency

Intelligently-sourced items

Instead of placing new orders when stock levels are low at one location, easily find inventory sources to replenish inventory using our built-in inventory location tracking capabilities – turning your stock rooms, store floors and warehouses into mini-distribution centres.

Real-time inventory management

Frontline applications enable receiving and stock-counting at all your locations, so you can obtain insights such as warehouse velocity and inventory turns. With this data, you can order the right amount of product to the right place at the right time.

Store reporting

Generate review and export reports in a variety of standard formats, directly from a mobile point-of-sale app. This includes reports for overall sales performance, store performance and team member performance. Reports can also be reviewed via in-app visualisation and sent directly to management users via email or synchronised directly with your choice of business intelligence tools and dashboards.

Other Tofugear Products

Store Commerce Hub

Shoppers demand choice, convenience and experiences that matter. Today’s connected customers expect to see online capabilities merged with their in-store experiences.

Retailers must empower their front-line with modern mobile-point-of-sale and clienteling tools as well as improve their data transparency to make informed business decisions.

Event Commerce Hub

Retailers often miss vital customer acquisition, relationship nurturing and sales opportunities at their pop-up stores and events. 


Retail marketeers need to leverage digital solutions that not only enable commerce, but also maximise customer value by delivering a quality pop-up store or event experience.

IoT Connect

IoT technologies have unlocked new opportunities for retailers to enhance real-time data capture and contextualise customer experiences.

However, other commerce platforms are unable to natively integrate and connect IoT devices – limiting the impact of their applications and increasing the complexity of implementation.

Order Hub

Legacy systems were designed for static, individual sales channels with limited connectivity. But today’s consumers demand the ability to buy and fulfil anywhere.

Retailers need to leverage all their inventory sources and implement distributed order management to deliver omnichannel purchase and fulfilment capabilities.

Inventory Hub

Real-time inventory visibility is vital to maximising sales and customer satisfaction. But even with today’s technologies, retailers still struggle with this.

Retail supply-chain managers need to leverage enhanced systems, applications and technologies to digitise their inventory and synchronise visibility across all channels.