The only cloud retail platform that helps you capture sales, manage orders, track inventory

and boost customer loyalty all from a single view

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This is more than just an e-commerce platform,

this is Unified Commerce


The Ultimate

Omnichannel Package

An end-to-end solution that gives you everything you need to run a successful O2O retail business


Scale with your


Build your business on a strong, digitally secure cloud-based foundation together with flexible, affordable pricing to match your business size and scale


Serviced Setup

and Support

We invest in your success by assiting you throughout the entire setup process from preparing your product catalog and theming your website to capturing your first sales.


Deliver a fast, mobile responsive e-commerce

experience as part of your omnichannel capabilities

Omnitech’s powerful Unified Commerce engine, used by some of the worlds largest retailers, has been brought together with decades of award-winning web design and development practice to deliver the best e-commerce experience at a more affordable cost. Track customers across all your channels and boost sales with our in-built AI recommendation engine coupled with an extensive discount & promotions logic. 

Omnichannel POS

Sell in-store and fulfill online orders

with an all-in-one app for your iPhone or iPad

Omnitech’s fully integrated mobile point-of-sale app not only empowers your frontline sales to sell more from anywhere inside and out of your store, but also is easy to use thanks to its simple, intuitive design.

Agile Inventory Management

Leverage your inventory across all channels and

offer your customers their preferred fulfilment options 

Omnitech’s end-to-end inventory and order management system give you real time visibility of all your inventory across all your channels. Maximize sales by making your full inventory availability to all your shoppers wherever they may be, and never loose a sales again because a product is only available via a specific channel. 

Customer Relationship Management

Create a meaningful loyalty program

that keeps your customers coming back for more

Omnitech helps make your relationships with customers more valuable by synchronizing sales online and offline, providing a secure single view of all your customers and incentivizing repeat purchases, up-sales and cross-sales. Allow shoppers to accumulate points from purchases made online and offline and let them redeem designated gifts and coupons.